This litter

Jazz was bred by Bob and Alison Tunnicliff at Littlethorn Border Collies in England. She is my 2d Border Collie from their breeding as I also have Doggie. Both are wonderful dogs, but Jazz is special.

There are other Border Collies from the same lines here in Denmark. Doggie’s sister Ruby has produced 3 litters and I have been following her puppies with interest. Other Littlethorns do well in agility. Jazz’ litter brother Hero is doing excellent in Canine Freestyle.

I love these lines – great temperaments and very healthy dogs.


 I think Jazz has the qualities that a good breeding bitch should have: She is a super working dog, has a lovely temperament and good health screening results.

I have decided to breed a litter from Jazz, because I want a puppy myself. I don’t have a dog breeder hidden inside me though, so this litter will be bred in co-operation with my friend Emmy (Hazyland Border Collies). She has known Jazz’ lines for many years and she is the owner of Jazz’ brother Hero. She also owned Jazz and Hero’s great grandfather Robbie (Whenway Decorated Hero).

Once Emmy and I had decided to breed a litter from Jazz, we started looking for a stud dog. We looked at several lovely dogs. Temperament, health and workability were important issues.

When we met Tiger, we knew that we had found the right dog. He is a powerful obedience dogs, who works just as well at the big international championships as he does at the small local trials. He is great with dogs and people, has a lovely temperament and was the cutest lap dog, when we visited him in his own home. A sweet boy with a strong desire to work.



We expect the puppies from this litter to be high drive working dogs with sweet temperaments and good health.

The puppies will be registered in the Danish Kennel Club as bred by Hazyland Border Collies, but they will be born and raised in my home, in the house as a part of the family. They will be eye tested, vaccinated and chipped before they leave for their new homes.

Download the litter’s pedigree here.

We expect Jazz to come into season in the beginning of January 2015, so the puppies will be born/ready to move to their new homes in spring/summer 2015.

If you are interested in this litter, please contact:

Helle Larssen (owner of Jazz) at or

Emmy Simonsen (Hazyland Border Collies) at

Helle doing heelwork with Jazz on her right side and Tiger on her left side.

Helle doing heelwork with Jazz on her right side and Tiger on her left side.

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